Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shoedazzle craze

So I was cleaning and organizing my closet earlier and found these! My Shoedazzle collection!

"ShoeDazzle is where women who love shoes and fashion come for their personalized monthly style fix. Founded on the belief that every woman—not just the stars—deserves her own personal stylist, ShoeDazzle offers our clients personalized shoe, handbag and accessory recommendations chosen for them by a team of A-list stylists. Our clients get new options at the beginning of each month, and also enjoy access to exclusive collections, celebrity designs, and award-winning Client Services, all with no obligation to buy or membership commitment. Because we design and oversee manufacturing of all of our shoes, we are able to offer beautiful style and high quality for just $39.95 with free shipping*, so women everywhere can get in on the fun and fill their closets."


Here are a few of my collection:

Little Diva

I've been a shoedazzle member for over a year now and I have to say I really love their service! They are customer-friendly and they ship really fast!